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LAMP Applications and Server Support
Linux Support in Corpus Christi Texas

  • Linux LAMP Servers
  • Linux LAMP Servers run Apache, MySQL, and PHP allowing PHP applications to run in a web browser like Firefox or Internet Explorer over the local network and Internet. A LAMP server integrates MySQL and PHP into the Apache runtime providing access to a rich collection of PHP applications all with database access.

  • XAMPP Servers
  • An XAMPP Windows server is a Windows system with Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Perl installed using the XAMPP Apache Friends installer for Windows. Note: Windows 8 not supported.

  • Slackware Servers
  • The Slackware 14.1 release has been posted and is the current version supported by Tracy Labs. Our first time script allows getting a LAMP server running fast and Samba file sharing for Windows is also set up, just add users. A link is provided on the download page.

  • Drupal CMS Web Content and Intranet
  • Drupal provides a strong web content management system allowing creation of diverse data and information that can model real world events using just a web browser. Drupal applications are well behaved and run in hosted web servers, and local LAMP or Windows WAMP computers.